Thursday, August 24, 2006

Off to Korea, see ya!


This is probably the last post before the Ironman Korea. Tonight I will be jumping onto the plane. I had great fun preparing myself for this event, and now I feel ready. I am looking forward not just to the 3.8km swim itself but being able to absorb the atmosphere of an ironman event, to rub shoulders with some of the most motivated, single minded and determined warriors in the world. See you after the race.


Anonymous said...

Gabriel, good luck and go fast. All the best.

We have to do something together after I come back from my high altitude training (composed of mostly sightseeing and sitting in jeep).

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good luck man.

Anonymous said...

Good luck man I have faith in you

Anonymous said...

Me too! I had been trying to go to the korea ironman site. It seems to be down.