Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kin's Adventure in Shangarila

While I am writing my own 'supermarket adventures', I also like to write about some real adventures from people I know. My mate Kin (see Moganshan Race) has been traveling from Sichuan to Tibet by jeep and then will join a bike trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. My freeyasoul travel companions, Martina, ahdont, Jacy and Tammy will probably let out a sigh when they read about this. We loved Nepal and Sichan (at least some of us), what a nice trip it would be to fit Tibet in between. Anyway, here are some quotes from Kin:

Due to the attidue

I had nose bleeding of the century. Blood just keep running out nonstop until I plug a roll of tissue in my nostril. I was looking so stupid that the other guests in the hostel was stairing at me.

On their stupid driver

The most stupid thing he did was to reverse the van on a very narrow highway with a cliff on a side. He knows nothing about reversing and the van ended up with two wheels dropped in a ditch. Luckily not on the cliff side.

When trying to blend in with the locals

There was a water fall with water melting from the snow mountain. The locals says those are blessed if they go around the water fall three times. Of course, three out of five of us were stupid enough to do it. We were armed with Gore-Tex jackets and trousers but with the volume of the water fall, we were all soaked with icy cold water.


ahdont said...

where's the link to his site? i want to read it

Gabs Lau said...

Just pictures, I got an email from Kin only. I suppose I can forward to you, it is a mass e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Gabs, thanks very much for the posting. Now I am in Lhasa and planning the bike trip to Nepal. As it will be more challenging and interesting, I will do the bike trip without joining the tour. The trip will be around 25 days.

Ahdont, if your like to see the pictures, you can go to

Gabs, thanks for forwarding the email. Please remind them to forgive me about the tons of typos.