Sunday, August 20, 2006


The title is just a teaser on this week's episode of my ironman training. My ironman wetsuit has finally arrived last week, after my first attempt and failed to squeeze myself into the rubber tyre, I consulted June, the iroman lady doing the full course in Korea. She told me here is what I need -

Wetsuit Wetsuit 2

With the aircon in fullblast to stop myself from sweating and a bottle of baby oil to grease up my limbs. Hence this becomes the saturday afternoon challenge for Martina and I. And we set ourselves in motion.
_MG_4823 _MG_4849 _MG_4878 _MG_4885
First I got to squeeze into those legging, then

to cover my shoulders, finally to do up the zip. It was bloody painful, the suit is so sticky and glues onto the skin, by then my whole body was sweating, and the sweatwas free flowing all over the floor. Nonetheless, I tried a few stroke of freestyle to test it out. It felt good. But then something doesn't feel right, the logo is upside down. Is this a rejected good or what? I log on the webshop again and found the picture to be somewhat different to my wetsuit. What on earth?
energie wetsuit

Then we took a look at the photos that we have just taken, notice the first picture on the left again. There it is the blue and orange ironman logo right there on the 'inside' of the suit. What a dumpstick I have wore the wetsuit inside out! (Hence the title NAMNORI)

So finally, to keep the story short, with air-con, baby oil and lastly some common sense, I squeezed into the wetsuit alright, and tried it out today in Deep Water Bay.
Trying out the iron man suit at sum wan


Anonymous said...

Wow you got a full suit! That is hard core! The one I got is a full length but sleeveless. I will have to take some pics to show you the next few days.

Gabs Lau said...

I do regret a little bit buying a full suit, it is really hard on the shoulders and this morning they hurt more than any days during the last 3 months of swimming training. But it said on the web that it would only take a couple of swim for the muscle to get used to the restriction. Can you actually feel the benefit of a wetsuit?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like the last picture, COOL !! I think U try few time will get used to it. Try your best "NAMNORI" ^O^

Gabs Lau said...

haha nami nami, here is a quote from felix (you played tennis with him before) "baby oil, rubber and martina, what a way to spend the weekend!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, my God~~~

Is this your first time to wear the wetsuit?????????? you should read through the sample carefully posted on web. but you don't feel any curious when you are wearing on it, it's non-reflective and the logo is reversed. Why???? Why???? Why???? Why???? Hopefully, you find the reason at the end.

Please DO NOT do the same thing in Korea Triathlon again....NAMNORI, except you want to be the star of the snapshot for the triathlete....

Good Luck and Be Safe !!

Gabs Lau said...

hahaha, dear swimming trainer jessica, yeah, I just though it was a funny story, so I put it up. Of course it feels all wierd, but the whole wetsuit is strange to me anyway.

Gabs Lau said...

rubbish, give me another examples which I have exercise such power!