Sunday, August 13, 2006

Feeling the Nerve

I had a crap week last week, Thursday worked till 12pm and Friday worked till 10pm. Hence by Saturday, I felt so completely knacked, I hit the pool on early morning and knew instanly that it would be a waste of time. Did about 1.5km in total but could hardly pushing myself at all, taking long breaks between laps. Then on this morning, Alain and Alice met me at Stanley Beach at 6:30am after their 20km run (yeah, they started at 4am) and paddled next to me while I swam openwater. I still feel rusty in the morning, but having companions for a change was motivating, especially being able to fill myself up with powergel and isotonic drinks out in the deep sea was luxury. In the end I swan from the windsurfing store out to the rocky beach underneath American Club and back, around 2.6km and 1hr20mins. That is only 2/3 the distance that I have to do in Korea, but consider the bad state I am in, I can probably still count on this morning as a confidence boaster. None the less, with only 2 weeks to go, I am begining to feel the nerve, most times I turned out overcoming the challenges but failures aren't unprecedented, Moganshan Race, also AXN Challenges 2004, Amazing Adventure 2003 were all incidents that I have screwed up. But then I have put so much effort this time, so let's just take a deep breath and take the dive!

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Anonymous said...

Wow power gel service in open water is a luxury. Good luck man I have faith in you