Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adventure Dispatches Around The World

While searching for information about Gobi March, I bump into a brilliant journal of 2 girls and 2 guys from Hong Kong who completed the Gobi March this year. They were very much like you and me, taking part in Trailwalker, Action Asia Challenge, AA Sprints on the weekends, then one day something compell them to sign up for this notorious event. The blog is a chornical on how rucksacks displaced handbags, highheel turned vibram and city girls turned ultra atheletes. Take a good read!
Congradulation to Alex who completed his first sprint distance triathlon in Finger Lakes, USA. He started his triathlon training about the same time I started my swimming training, so as it said we were virtual training buddies. The last few months. Good luck with your journey to be an Ironman.

Then there is ahdont experimenting with his own series of whiskey desert. Well done for passing your multi-engine license! (not that I know what that is.)

Kin is half way through his journey of cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu. I can't help but be envious, "I smile the whole way when I was biking away from Lhasa. It feel like as I was still a kid and got a new toy."

When you are struck in a dull office slaving away, don't forget to google "adventure" for a mental getaway.


Back to The Trail Running Season

Well I just want to write something to get rid of the Ironman post. It was nice to be able to write a few nice posts with the Ironman but it always pains me a bit for not being able to swim there. Also while I am with my current job, it probably would be impossible for me to train for a full Ironman, that is the reality. And even if I can do I really want to? I am always more into trail running than marathon running, mountain biking than road biking, big wall rock climbing than technical sports climbing, adventure racing than triathlon. The only thing that I will give it to the on-road endurance sports is the people in it, they have a far stronger mental strenght than I can even fanthom. Anyway, it was good to see the Trail Running season coming back. This year, I am actually bothering to do the Trailwalker for its full 100km length. Well I am the team leader (as in my name won the lottery draw) so there is no getting away this time, as no team can change the team leader. I am doing it with Alain, Alice and Wing and we targeted 20 hours for the finish. Alain, Alice, myself and a guy from UK which I met in Korea are also plotting to do the Gobi March in June next year! So long way to run ahead.

I saw a wicked poster during my quest to find a new trail running shoes today. Check this out:

Look absoultely nutter, I would love to come back from a King of the Hill looking like that one day. The shoes that I have in mind is a relatively new brand called inov-8, by a UK company, their shoes are totally aggressive, lightweight and designed to give full flexibility to the ankle, and let your muscle do your own protection. Of course the consequence could be grave if you ankle joint is not strong enough. Anyway, I will let my waffle take you this far, good day.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Gregory Burns

We are here to complete, not compete, when you compete you measure yourself again others, but when you complete, you are trying to beat yourself.
It has been such an honour to me that Gregory Burns, the inspirational athelete who completed Ironman Korea on a hand bike and wheel chair, has found my humble blog. He left me a message for his new blog, this is a compulsory reading for the regulars of Freeyasoul Adventure. Here is what he said in his speech to us in Korea, "We are here to complete, not compete, when you compete you measure yourself again others, but when you complete, you are trying to beat yourself."

Congradulation Greg and look forward to here about your next challenge!