Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adventure Dispatches Around The World

While searching for information about Gobi March, I bump into a brilliant journal of 2 girls and 2 guys from Hong Kong who completed the Gobi March this year. They were very much like you and me, taking part in Trailwalker, Action Asia Challenge, AA Sprints on the weekends, then one day something compell them to sign up for this notorious event. The blog is a chornical on how rucksacks displaced handbags, highheel turned vibram and city girls turned ultra atheletes. Take a good read!
Congradulation to Alex who completed his first sprint distance triathlon in Finger Lakes, USA. He started his triathlon training about the same time I started my swimming training, so as it said we were virtual training buddies. The last few months. Good luck with your journey to be an Ironman.

Then there is ahdont experimenting with his own series of whiskey desert. Well done for passing your multi-engine license! (not that I know what that is.)

Kin is half way through his journey of cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu. I can't help but be envious, "I smile the whole way when I was biking away from Lhasa. It feel like as I was still a kid and got a new toy."

When you are struck in a dull office slaving away, don't forget to google "adventure" for a mental getaway.


Anonymous said...

Quick edit,it is in USA not Canada hehe : )
Thanks for the props!

Gabs Lau said...

Do which one, Gobi March, Triathlon or Cycling in the Himalaya? haha, that is a joke, of course you want to do all of those.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for adding my link, but it is www.thesoupdujour.com, you are missing the "the"

I shall you you to my blog roll tonight :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for another note on my trip. How I wish we can do it together.

Good to see your spirit for racing. Keep training. I will work on swimming when back. We are on the Taiwan race in Dec.

Please email ahdont's email address to me. I will include him in my note distribution.

See you.