Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moments When You Are Living

Organised by the Bank, my Ironman relay team had lunch with the two athletes that the StanChart is sponsoring to do the full length Ironman in Korea to exchange tips. They are June (left) and 何澤 (right). Amazingly June had only been doing triathlon for 3-4 years, before that she couldn't even swim a full lap in the pool. But now she is getting prepared for her second Ironman. It all began when she got dragged into doing a relay for a triathlon for fun and she said she hasn't looked back since. Both athletes have got into these routine of getting up at 6 every morning to train for 2 hours and hitting the bed at 8pm at night (after a bit of trainning!!) whilst working a fulltime job. What awe inspiring people!! Though I question if I can make the same comittment, it might be three sports you are training for but it boils down to only for one single goal. But is this a goal that worth everything in life? I guess it comes down to what moments you define yourself "living", to them it certainly are those moments when they are fighting the pain.


Gabs Lau said...

haha, it sounded like "good old days" for you now.

Anonymous said...

My goal is to shoot for a half ironman next summer, and then a full ironman in Lake Placid in 2008. You should come join me in 2 years!

Gabs Lau said...

I thought it would be this summer you are doing the half marathon. hehe, if I get my way, I will do the marathon in Nairobi in end of Oct (hopefully on StanChart's expense again), then Trailwalker at end of Nov, then next year I will do the Gobi March. Haha, live it to the full.