Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yoda's Adventure

I was in Singapore this week attending a conference internal to the bank. I flew out on tuesday rather reluctantly since our cat, Yoda, was very pregnant and I had this suspicous that the kitten were due this week. We knew most likely that she would require an operation. Then on Friday, the last day of the conference, Martina suddenly texted me and said Yoda will have babies that day!! Then the Vet called me frantically trying to get hold of Martina, who was unreachable at time. Ten minutes later I managed to got hold of my girlfriend and she said she has just taken Yoda to the Vet for an emergency operation as she suddenly realised Yoda was probably in labour for the last 12 hours, the Vet said the babies were likely to have died of suffocation and that is no guranteed that the mother is gonna live. Fortunately news after two hours of operation announced both the mum and the kids were fine. And hence I returned to Hong Kong into a whole new world.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, so cute !!! Do U have any update pictures?