Sunday, April 02, 2006

Explore Beijing

Martina and I have also taken the week to explore Beijing. It is a huge city, most part are the product of boring communist city planning but in bits and places, you will find some surprises. Like the 798 art district, a collection studio in a remote factory warehouse. Gabrielle's husband Dave also owns a place there which he converted into a surreal penthouse.
DSC05637 DSC05638 DSC05639 DSC05640 DSC05641 DSC05655 DSC05658 DSC05660 DSC05665 DSC05667
The Great Wall was great, even though we only did the commercial Badaling and didn't do the one day hike in unrestored nature part of the wall.
DSC05768 DSC05776 DSC05777 DSC05780 DSC05783 DSC05794 DSC05801 DSC05803 DSC05813 DSC05821 DSC05823
And finally there were some real good food in Beijing, the duck sucks but the regional cuisine are great.
DSC05866 DSC05867 DSC05881 DSC05882 DSC05888 DSC05889

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