Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2006 Year of Adventure Race (Part II)

Earlier of the year, I put up a posting on all the overseas adventure race that I planned to do, I got a bike, I got a pair of hill running legs all I need are some partners. Though that dream seemed pretty much faded away as time ticks. Then last Friday, I saw an e-mail from the seyonasia yahoo group that I have subscribed, someone is looking a partner to do the 12 hours Mogan Shan Race in 14th May. Didn't take me long to spurnt into action, Martina said I have answered a dating ad. So I got a partner, Kin, for this coming race. Kin is a great Mountian Biker and this will be his race. As the Mogan Shan Race have 60km of biking trails. While hopefully my trail running and rope skill can be a compliment. Though I need to seriously worked on my biking skills in the next 2 weeks.

After Mogan Shan, it will be Bintan Trianthlon in end of May and the Action Asia Macau in June. Full of actions!


Gabs Lau said...

no man, I am too busy training for the race, studying, taking care of cats, martina is too busy selling handbags, downloading US TV, taking care of cats. Big holiday this year will probably be India Trekking if I got a team to the India Himalaya adventure race.

Gabs Lau said...

this is so stupid, why would I want a BA if I can buy a PhD

Anonymous said...

Respiratory Therapists