Friday, February 10, 2006

Hong Kong Marathon

The climax of the running season is nigh, this sunday I will running my first ever marathon in the HK Marathon. The original plan would be turn up with insufficient training and stuggle through, just enough to avoid the humiliation of being pick up by the minibus. But motivation always come unexpectedly, I was asked to be a last minute replacement for a GROE team. A GROE team is a team of four people which runs a leg each of the 4 marathons sponsored by StanChart. The guy who meant to do the HK leg got sick and I was asked to take his place instead. So I am in the SCB All Star Blue team which will be racing against the SCB All Star Green Team. Well I know it is just loads of corporate mumble jumble, but at least I got something to run for. Also being a GROE runner, I get to start in the front with other elite runners, and I get to pick up my own water bottle on routes after filling them up with what ever I like, how about a bottle of dry martini at the last water point, haha. So final preparation tomorrow, I am gonna get a nice massage!!

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