Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Day reconnecting to my adventure life

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First time since Nepal last year, I organised another Freeyasoul adventure, this time to Siguniang Shan of Sichuan, China. Seven of us headed to this scenic mountain region this time. First we climbed the Big Sister Peak (Dai Gu Niang Shan), lowest of the four peaks of Siguniang. In then end only ahdont and I made it to the top, guided by Siu Ming our all able mountain guide. The rest of my group were all beaten by attitude sickness and poor weather. There were very little emotion for me as I reached the top, as I felt what a price my friends suffering from attitude were paying for me. However, when I got down the cliff and was walking on the snowy pasture, a sudden happiness fill me. Memory of those happy adventurous days in Scotland and French Alps rush back to my head. As my face was wrap behind a baraclava and sunglasses, I just quitely cried behind them, just one of those moment when I felt I have really lived a great life.

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Anonymous said...

great life begins at 2007, so the prophet says.

p.s can i link this to my blog as well?