Saturday, March 04, 2006


What a crappy life, had to worked all the time this week. Half an hour of lunch time in GoNature is all I have managed. Also the semester finally started and once again I am engaged in some cyber discussion on development issues. Hardly... this group of class mate has been pretty quiet, some didn't even log on the the forum all week. More on that when the course gets more meaty.

During this busy week, I have been keeping myself entertain with Michael Palin's 'Himalaya' on the ipod while traveling to and from work. It is the book that goes with the BBC documentry on Michael's journey across the Himalaya range. "This is Himalaya not from top to bottom, but from one end to another." He found "Himalaya is a battle ground of immense geological force but a centre of human tetonic as well." So this is a travelogue about the people and landscape of the Himalaya unlike the mountaineering account that I normally read. The book is not satisfying in a way as he hop from one place to another in the space of only couple mintue of listening. But these are places I have read so much about and just the name of these places (Hunza, Khyber Pass, Chitral, K2, Simla) is enough to swing my imagination at a tangent. Currently Michael is in Dharamasala, receiving an audience to Dala Lama.

On the front of Microfinance, I have finally fixed a date to visit the Beijing office of Planet Finance at the end of March. They have no funding to create a paid job for me right now, but it is good to be able to keep searching and keep hoping.
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