Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ah Min's Blog

小馬哥的公日記 點止撞到林慧詩咁簡單
Ah Min (Ronny) wrote a post that was quite touching for me. The great thing about him is his ability to pour out the deepest thoughts from his heart with such honesty. Last saturday, we met up with Ah Kwai who just returned from America. Ah Kwai (Timothy) wanted to be a good doctor, knowing that opportunities are few in Hong Kong, he went all the way to US last year to strive for his dream. On saturday night, we sat down in Dickens and had one of those long chat over beers. We always talk about plans and dreams. Ah Kwai said that it has been a fruitful decision for him to move to the US, being able to see the world's diversity was great for himself just as a person. We both shared our feeling of suffocation of Hong Kong, such a small place with such homogenous attitude to life. I don't want to get started here. But my dream to be in the development partitioner will one day come true.


ahdont said...

who's going to conquer the mountains with me?

Gabs Lau said...

stuck in Hong Kong as a bank office worker won't get me anywhere closer to the mountains.

Ah Min said...

My honesty to my inner heart is one of the few things I can be proud of.

martinaatshoplala said...

what about me?
what r u going to do with me?