Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Run Eat Run Eat...Ops No Climbing

Took 3 days off this week so I don't have to go to work for the whole week with the rest made up by the Chinese New Year Holiday. The CNY holiday has been bad for Gabs the Climber, as the climbing community took the wrong ferry for Tung Lung Island and found themselves in Krabi instead. A few others even got as far off course as ending up in Beijing, poor souls, they have to keep ice climbing all week to keep themselves warm. Despite the lack of climbing, the CNY holiday have been quite a revelation for Gabs the Adventure Racer. I used to keep saying that there are lack of trail running possibilty from the proximity of where I lived. I ended up taking a bus to Hong Kong island where the trail network is more complex. Only because I never bother to try. Well here is what I, Gabs the Runner, found out on Monday that I can quite possibly leave home (To Kwa Wan) and run to the Wong Tai Sin in about 15 mins from there I can ran up the insanely steep Shatin Pass Road. Uphill all the way pass the store that sells tofu custard. I kept running up hill till I got to the top of Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngo Shan) then a gentle downhill passing some out of breath hikers takes me back to urban pollution. A nice run that last about 2.5 hrs.

Route of Trail Running on 2nd Feb
Today I did series number 2 of the run, when I got to the store at Shatin Pass, I turn left to run the McLehose Trail till I got to the Kowloon Reservoir, then I ran round the reservoir and headed back to the Shatin Pass via Wilson Trail. A nice circuit of 4hrs. (The above google map picture shows the fill trail, you can download the placemark here). Now that should be nice training for Marathon. Yes I am doing the full 42 km for the first time this year. Need to get it out of the way so I can stick my finger up at people I hate but do boast about their marathon experience.

Of course finding a new trainning route that consist of McLehose and Wilson Trail can hardly be called a revelation, the real revelation was that a 3 hrs massage in Shenzhen (for $100 only) really boost my running. Yesterday, I headed north to Shenzhen for a massage and today my feet weights nothing! Now that revelation alone should equip me for the coming marathon.

CNY has also been great for Gabs the Connoisseur, I didn't go all the way up to SZ just for a cheap massage, it was for the lamb feast! There is this lamb specialist restaurant called 'Muslim' (穆斯林) that sepecialise in lamb, even for lamb kebab, they have 8-9 variety, and I am not talking about you can have it on a tooth pick (yeah, so you can pick your teeth right away), on bamboo stick or in big iron stick. I suppose they all taste difference as I only had the tooth pick kebab. Then there is alo Hand Grab Lamb (手抓羊) and Lamb Spring Roll. Shame it was a lunch, so we didn't get to eat the BBQ Whole Lamb.

Suddenly I realised I have just been writing like Ah Min, except joining serveral of his runing and easting posts in one. So I better stop here.


ahdont said...

lol, the foot massage. do you mean the muslim restaruant near the train station? i used to drive pass it but never really go in there for food. ah gwai and others went to india, hampi for bouldering too, just wait for their pictures to come, it will inspire your climber self.

Gabs Lau said...

no it is not near the train station, we hav to take a taxi there. man, that must be fun, but I probably won't enjoy it much if I tag along. I thought of doing this last minute try on beijing, but they were only gonna ice climb for 2 days, so I didn't bother too much. anyway, I have actually trail ran on sat, mon, wed, can't possibly be fitter than right now, there is also a King of the Hill this sunday.

ahdont said...

as you are getting more fit, i think i am gaining weight as we speak. i lost about 5 pounds from that hellish trailwalker run and i managed to maintain a perfect 136 pounds, then i managed to lost another 4 pounds from sichuan, i weight myself before i left hong kong and now when now i must be 140+, the only exercise i get in here is to push the plane around from apron to apron

Gabs Lau said...

no gym in the campus?

Ah Min said...

Writing like Ah Min is not that bad, isn't it?

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