Sunday, March 05, 2006

Star War vs Super Heros vs Kung Fu

I owe a few post about the Nottingham friends, most of these people lived in Nottingham once upon a time. Ramon and Karen got married last weekend, and so we had a fancy dress party after they return from honeyweek yesterday. I have finally become a Jedi, I could feel the force in me!
Princess Amidala Obi Wan Incredible Baby Landlord Woman in Kung Fu Ugly Woman in Kung Fu Lam Ah Chun Batman Dath Vader Cat Woman Brokeback Mountain Spiderman Master Yoda
Fantastic effort from everyone in the party, my favourite is Lisa and Keung's effort to transform themselves into Landlady and Ugly Woman in Kung Fu Hustle. Having the Jedi council descended in Causeway Bay is also fantasitc for the crowd eating on the street in Dung Lung Street.


ahdont said...

i am so jealous, i so want to go. so want to go.......

Gabs Lau said...

mate when you are back next year, we will have a star war fancy dress party, we will have the movies being played on the big screen