Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ramping Up The Miles

I've been ramping up my cycling mileage this week. On last Monday, I cycled 68km in Tung Chung, followed with a 6km run in the midday heat! The cycling was mostly flat, with a long time looping around the under-utilised road of the Disney Hotel. Then on Saturday, another long distance training in Shek O, I cycled 45km, looping Shek O Road 5 times. Then ran the hilling road between Shek O and Big Water Bay 3 times (12km). Hence I felt Sunday was well earned rest day. My bike muscle endurance is still pretty poor, take the Shek O session for instance, I managed a speed of 27.3 km/h on the first loop, but by the 5th loop and cadence of 89rpm. But by the firth loop I am doing more like 25km/h and 80rpm, yet my HR has reduced at the same time, meaning I simply coundn't work those muscle hard for too long.


Anonymous said...

I had to pull out the mile to KM converter to figure out your speed and distances LOL

Your speed aren't too bad, I mean we are only human, dropping 2km/h after 5 laps is acceptable (I think) Are you taking any gel or sport drink during your ride?

I do notice by intaking 200-300 calories per hour, it helps me sustain my energy.

Gabs Lau said...

What speed do you plan to do your 90km bike? I hope to get an average of 26-27km/h to finish it in 3.5 hrs. The Singapore course is very flat, so hopefully I can pull it off.

Anonymous said...

My goal is to finish my bike course within 3.5 hours also. The bike course have some good hills. Wind and temperature will have the biggiest impact on the speed. So I guess I will play it by heart and keep my eyes on my HR monitor.

Here are the elevation profiles for my bike and run course



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