Thursday, November 02, 2006

Disaster Struck Again

Just got back from a 3 days spell in the hospital with some steel plate and screws added to my body. It has happened again, I had another mountain bike accident but a more serious one this time. I won't even gonna put down any narratives to make it sound adventurous. It just went out of control, I fell and landed on my arm first. I broke one of the two bones in the forearm. The two ends of the fracture was completely separated and it needed an operation to patch them together with plates and screw.

It was plain stupid for me to mess up my body like this and caused so much trouble for my girlfriend and parents to spend their time taking care of me. Lucky for me they were there when I needed them, the 3 days passed very quickly. Every visiting time I can count on them being there to cheer me up, I was never too down.

Now I have 2-3 months of recovery period in which I won't be able to exercise, I have some time to think about what I really want. Doing all these adventurous sport is fun, but not for the price of losing a limp or two, I am not a thrill seeker, I just like overcoming my own limit. Clearly two major accidents in 5 months means that I should stay away from mountain biking, but if I do that, adventure racing is also out of the window. Something I am not willing to let go.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel stupid until you hear broken arm story when I was in college.

I was arm wrestling with a buddy of mine, and Snap!I broke my right arm in half. Thank god it was a clean break so all I needed was a cast, but it did take me almost 4 months to be fully recover

By the way maybe you should do some roading biking instead hehe!

I hope you get better soon

滑嘟嘟 said...

Hope u get well soon ^0^

Unknown said...

our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. - hannibal lecter.

take care of yourself man, if you have to break something, try to break your face next time, you can always use a couple of surgeries on your face.
take a good rest la.

Gabs Lau said...

Alex that is a scary story, is your arm made of Lego or what. Tammy thanks for ur good wish. Ahdont thanks for your call sorry to missed it, was talking to Icarus and Brian, they were recounting the accident rather juicily, big ass. Well this once adventure blog will turn into a blog on culture and literature until furthrt notice, maybe I will write another hack, it really boost my visiting number.

Anonymous said...


Akie and I wish you will get well soon.

I had a bad crash before this year chinese new year and out of exercise for 2 months. I discovered I lost a piece of muscle in my upper right leg afterwards. Though I don't feel anything wrong, the piece of muscle is still missing.

Don't be discouraged. You will be great again. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Take care and recover soon~
And do remember to protect yourself better when you do these adventurous sports again. I also got an "almost die" experience while I do my sailing, and now i always bring a ti-knife with me when i go sailing.
Protect before you adventure~
Cheer up dude~

Caleb said...
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Caleb said...

ahhh...sorry to hear that...I play semi pro soccer and broke my arm too middle of september, clean break...had 6 screws and 4inch plate placed in my sucks not being able to exercise; although i have been running the entire three months...I am just starting to beginning to catch the ball again...(i play goalkeeper) hope you get better soon...