Saturday, July 08, 2006

Random Update

Not much big events has happened recently so I am just gonna throw a few things together and make a stir fry out of it.

  • Alain from my Ironman Korea team has to pulled out from the race as it clash with his son's football match in Japan. So we got rescued by a mountian biker called William. More to come when I put out the team fundraising website next week.
  • There was a point when I may have to take up the bike leg of the race, but now with William, I can concentrated on my swimming training once again.
  • I started taking some private swimming lessons, and realise my form was all wrong, poor kicks and poor stroke, and I am even putting powers at the wrong part of the stroke!
  • Did a 50secs 50m lap and a 2min6sec 100m lap on Wednesday's lesson, that was a personal record for me. I thought that was good, but then two days later, after swimming for 1.4km, I timed myself on the last 100m, and I still managed a 2min6sec.
  • Gonna do a aquathon race tomorrow in South Bay as part of the training, 7km run and 500m swim, alternating into 4 sections.
  • On wednesday, I had a offsite at work, each team has to dressed in a specified colour and here is what my team did to win the best dress award.
  • Finally I have handed in my semster assignment and finished another term for my International Development Master. The work was a research proposal, I got good feedback from my lecturer and he urged me to go and do the research. I am a bit two- minded right now. Doing the research is not easy, I have to go to villages in China and collect data, how am I gonna find time for it?
  • My research proposal is something to do with looking at Microfinance and Internal Labour Migration in China, it is very relevant to what I wanted to do in that distant future when I don't have to work for money.
  • Work, running, swimming, climbing, adventure, realising my dream to do something fullfilling in life, so much to do so little time.

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Anonymous said...


I am swimming everyday now. But still very slow. I am actually quit upset by it.

My average time is improved but top time sucks. 50m takes 65 sec.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gab,

Is me again. This weekend I will do another race in Shenzhen. This time I will be racing in a mixed team.

Keep the good work in your training.

Gabs Lau said...

you are becoming a veteran man, good luck with the race!