Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Year of Race Continue

Well, it has been almost two weeks since the nasty accident. The wound has semi-recovered, the hole has closed up but not all the flesh has grown back. I've been visiting a GP doctor the first day I got back and it was only a week later I found out he was completely useless in treating me. On Monday about 9 days after putting in the stiching, I went to see him to take out the stiching and he had no idea whether I should take them out, he even let me decide for myself! Luckily I went to see my friend Geroge who is a top surgeon who took them out for me. The stiching was serving no purpose at that point.This weekend comes another race I have signed up for, which is the triathlon in Bintan. I am flying over there today. George said I shouldn't swim, so I have bought all the plaster of the latest technology from Watson's, hopefulling combining with the help of some climbing tape, I can seal the cut water tight. It is only 750m of swimming in any case. Anyway I won't take this race too serious this time.
To finish off, here are some photos of the Moganshan Race posted by the organisers.


ahdont said...

man! you have done so many adventure race this year, i guess you are not going to any mountain this year then. try to come up with something interesting in this event. you still have two good arms and one good leg left.

kin said...

You genius, using the latest technology from the caring Watson's to keep the wound dry throughout the race.

Now I know who to go to if something like this happens to me.