Monday, January 09, 2006

Post Holiday Have a Good Life Disorder

The trouble with having a good holiday is the 'Post Holiday Blue' that followed. Having been through various big and small adventure throughout my insignificant life, I have found various way to cope with PHB. When I still resided in Nottingham, the way to deal with it would be hitting the Waterstone bookshop's travel session every lunch time and planned my next big adventure. But something has fundamentally changed after the big India adventure 3 years ago. The PHB hits in subsequent holiday cannot really be fixed with more holiday planning, or more weekend climbings. Nowadays a good adventurous holiday makes me challenge me to think about if the present lifestyle is worth living, like it would urge me to find some fullfilling direction in life again. Let's called this a 'Post Holiday Have a Good Life Disorder'.

Presently I am suffering another PHHGLD hit. Everyday back in the office after Sichuan, I am looking a way out of this stupid corporate life. Now, what is my definition of 'Having a Good Life'. Well for the last 3.5 years of Post India period, I have been thinking about being a International Development partitioner, like working for NGOs that try to help the poor people around the world. Well in most days I can quite possibly put a lid on this ambition and be at ease with my boring life. But right after another holiday, couple with the beginning of the year where I will turn 30, the urge to do that again is pretty strong.

So I decide to do something from this year onward. Over the weekend, I managed to get in touch with someone who does Microfinance in China, with an organisation called Planet Finance, we chated bit to find out what they do in China and what is the state of Microfinance in China. Kind of quite insightful conversation. I will covered more about that in future posting.


ah said...

i always enjoy finding a way to amuse myself in the worst case scenario. but then i assume you already knew

Gabs Lau said...

who is that?

ahdont said...

me, ahdont. i thought you would have guessed, i press the wrong key acceindtally

Gabs Lau said...

yeah, you are probably the only reader of this blog right now, should have guess haha

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