Sunday, July 02, 2006

Heart Breaking World Cup Exit

I am so heart broken by England's World Cup exit last night. I felt like vomitting as I watched them slowly losing the penalty shoot out and saw history repeated itself. This has been the most exiting England team in the last decade. Many years ago when England failed even to qualified for the USA World Cup, I saw a BBC documentary about the "Three Lion's" future. It said it had been recgonised by football expert around the world that England had a very talented generation of young footballers moving through the ranks, and predicted that they will peak at the 2006 World Cup. I though then it was complete bullocks. But then over the next decade, this legendary generation did emerged as promised. Yet so full of promise and yet we watch Rooney got himself and red card like Beckham did 8 year ago, then England grind through the remaining time and lose out on penalty shoot out again.

I am not sure if the England team in 4 years time will be as strong as this one. Beckham probably won't be there, Owen may become an obsolete figure after a year of injury and sideline. Gerrad and Lampard may have missed their prime. Though Joe Cole and Rooney will still be young then and I hope some new stars will burst onto the scene in the next few years.


ahdont said...

please don't ever mention it, i don't know if i can take this pain at all. it hurt so much

Alex said...

It was one of the saddiest 4th of July weekend I ever had